Chitosan Enhances Control of Enzymatic Browning in Apple and Pear Juice by Filtration



    1. Author Sapers is with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, ARS, Eastern Regional Research Center, 600 Mermaid Lane, Phil-adelphia, PA 19118 (215-233-6417).
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Browning could be prevented in McIntosh apple juice by the addition of at least 200 ppm chitosan, irrespective of the chitosan product tested, followed by filtration with diatomaceous earth filter aid. Chitosan at 1000 ppm was required to prevent browning in juice from ripe Bartlett and Bosc pears. Juice from very ripe Bartlett pears did not respond to chitosan treatment. Chitosan addition interfered with the prevention of browning in apple and pear juice by centrifugation.