• crust;
  • oil uptake;
  • porosity;
  • potato;
  • deformability modulus


Physical properties were determined on the crust region of a restructured potato product undergoing deep-fat frying. Deformability modulus of the raw material, ranging from 37 to 127 kPa markedly affected moisture content and oil uptake of the restructured product, and its crust. It also affected crust thickness at frying time of 5 min. Lower deformability modulus promoted thicker crust ranging from 327 ± 17 to 650 ± 29 μm. Crust porosity decreased throughout frying, and was markedly affected by lower gel-strengths. Crust yield strength was affected by trying time and deformability modulus of the raw material. Crust oil uptake stopped when crust yield strength reached a critical value of 210 to 240 kPa. Oil uptake in the crust ranged from ca. 35 to 38% after 1 min and 60 to 85% after 5 min frying.