Decreasing Lipid Oxidation in Soybean Oil by a UV Absorber in the Packaging Material



The stability and effectiveness of Tinuvin 326TM, a UV absorber, dispersed within the regrind layer of coextruded, multilayered, polypropylene-based containers to protect packaged, bleached soybean oil from photooxidation was investigated. The level of Tinuvin 326 in the containers was determined by using high pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC) and UV spectrophotometric methods. No loss of Tinuvin 326 from the containers was observed over a 42-day storage period at 21 and 35°C, respectively. The migration of Tinuvin 326 from the containers to the oil stored at 35°C was greater than at 21°C. Migration levels at both temperatures, however, were too low to notably reduce Tinuvin 326 levels in the containers. Bleached oil in containers with 0.3% Tinuvin 326 underwent less photooxidation than oil in containers with no Tinuvin 326 when exposed to fluorescent light at 21 and 35°C for 35 days.