• muscadine grapes;
  • red grapes;
  • flavor;
  • storage stability;
  • sulfites


The stability of nonpasteurized muscadine grape juice processed with and without 100 mg/L potassium metabisulfite was monitored during storage at 3°C. The muscadine flavor intensity, sweetness, off-flavor levels, and color of white juices remained stable, and ethanol levels remained low for 7 wk. However, the flavor intensity and sweetness of nonsulfited white juice decreased, and off-flavor and ethanol levels increased after 7 wk. Sulfite lowered microbial levels in white juice throughout 9 wk. Red juices did not develop significant levels of off-flavors or ethanol during 9 wk, although the flavor intensity declined, especially in nonsulfited red juice. Sulfite lightened the color of red juice, but the color was stable in both sulfited and nonsulfited red juices.