• Cookloss;
  • DSC;
  • electrophoresis;
  • extractable protein;
  • sorbitol;
  • tripolyphosphate

Mechanically recovered meat (MRM) from broilers was washed three times with water and subjected to either slow or rapid freezing or freeze-drying with, or without, the presence of cryoprotectants. Both freezing and freeze-drying reduced the functionality of the MRM when no cryoprotectants were used. Sorbitol/sucrose showed some protection of gel forming ability of frozen samples whilst sorbitol/sucrose with tripolyphosphate gave stronger gels after freezing or freeze-drying than fresh samples. Most of the loss of functionality during freezing or freeze-drying was caused by loss of solubility of myosin and to a lesser extent actin. This was supported by DSC studies. The combined presence of sorbitol/sucrose/tripolyphosphate restored most functional properties of the frozen or freeze-dried material to that of the fresh material.