• coconut;
  • protein concentrate;
  • aqueous extraction;
  • ultrafiltra-tion;
  • functional properties


Functional properties of coconut protein concentrates (CPC) from fresh coconut meat and commercial desiccated coconut meat were assessed and compared with other protein sources. Coconut proteins were extracted from undefatted meats at pH 7 in 0.5M NaCl solution. Protein recovery in the ultrafiltration retentates was about 40% (as % nitrogen) in the starting meats. Water absorption capacities of CPC products were lower than those of soy protein concentrates (SPC) and Na-caseinate, but there was no difference in oil absorption values among CPC, SPC and Na-caseinate. CPC products were more soluble than SPC, but less soluble than Na-caseinate at pH 8 and 10. Emulsifying properties of CPC were superior to those of caseinate and SPC. Total essential amino acids contents of CPC products were lower than caseinate, but similar to SPC.