Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Extraction Efficiency for Carotenes from Carrots by RSM


  • Florida Agricultural Experiment Station Journal Series No. R-05131.


Increasing demand for β-carotene has resulted in a growing interest in its extraction from natural sources. Carotenes were extracted from carrot pulp (press cake) using SC-CO2. Three levels of pressure (20.7, 27.6, and 34.5 MPa), temperature (40, 55, and 70°C), and ethanol co-solvent (0, 5, 10% wt) were studied. Percentages α-, β- and total carotenes extracted were determined by HPLC and spectrophotometric methods. A maximum of 99.5% of β-carotene was extracted using 10% ethanol. Concentration of ethanol and temperature were the most important factors in increasing extraction yield. A response surface model was developed from the results: %β-carotene extraction = 8.4558 + 0.8816 T– 10.7650 E + 0.1843 T*E + 1.9019 E2– 0.0261 E2*T, where T = temperature (°C), E = ethanol (%). R2= 0.973.