• solidification dynamics;
  • corn starch;
  • freezing rate;
  • product homogeneity;
  • directional solidification


Directional solidification studies of gelatinized corn starch-water mixtures were undertaken in order to examine, in situ, the freezing behavior of this food model. The solidification rate was controlled by varying sample cell velocity as it moved from a 25°C hot stage to a -25°C cold stage. While freezing at cell velocities ≤7.5 μm/sec, starch granules were alternately pushed or entrapped by the advancing solid-liquid interface producing a segregated structure consisting of alternating high-starch and low-starch bands. At a cell velocity of 10 μm/sec, the frozen product was homogeneous. The relationship between the solid-liquid interface velocity and segregation behavior was quantified and compared to an existing model of particle-interface interactions.