• extrusion;
  • screw configuration;
  • starch gelatinization;
  • com-plexing profile;
  • x-ray diffraction


Corn starch was extruded with 4% stearic acid in Brabender single screw and twin screw laboratory extruders. The screws were cooled and removed and samples were collected from locations along the screws. In the single screw extruder, starch gelatinization as determined by DSC and polarized light microscopy started in the compression zone and was completed in the metering zone. Starch-stearic acid complex formation as determined by iodine binding capacity and X-ray diffraction started at the same point as gelatinization and increased to a maximum near the tip of the screw. In the twin screw extruder, starch gelatinization and starch-stearic acid complex formation started at a distance of seven screw diameters and continued from there to the die end.