• aseptic packaging;
  • cantaloupe;
  • fruit pieces;
  • sensory quality


Diced cantaloupe flesh that was microbiologically sterile was prepared to study the physiological deterioration of fruit when stored under a range of controlled atmospheres at 4.5°C. Sterile fruit pieces were prepared by boiling whole melons for 3 min, then dicing aseptically. Storage atmospheres were in continuous flow and contained from 0 to 26% CO2 and 3.5 to 17% O2. Sensory assessments were carried out by a highly trained panel at 14 day intervals. Acceptable product up to 28 days was obtained for three treatments: 6% CO2 and 6% O2, 9.5% CO2 and 3.5% O2, and 15% CO2 and 6% O2. Overall treatment with 0, 19.5 or 26% CO2 (irrespective of O2 concentration) caused significant deterioration in sensory characteristics.