• anthocyanin;
  • cell culture;
  • color stability;
  • food colorant;
  • grape


Color and thermal- and pH-stability of anthocyanins from a grape cell suspension culture were compared with those of commercial food colorants using Hunter and spectrophotometric analysis. At pH 3, grape cell anthocyanins showed color vividness (Chroma) similar to red cabbage and higher than that of other samples and a hue (Theta) similar to purple corn and redder than other samples. Brown oxidized phenolics were absent from the cell culture and red cabbage preparations, but were found in other samples. Color loss during incubation at 30 and 95°C, pH 3 and during an increase in pH from 3 to 5 was more severe for cell culture than red cabbage anthocyanins probably indicating they were intrinsically more sensitive.