Quality Assessment of Sardines During Storage by Measurement of Fluorescent Compounds


  • We thank Mr. Oscar Bellón for technical assistance and Xunta de Galicia for financial support (Project XUGA 402 01B93).


Sardine alterations during chilled storage (0°C) were investigated by measuring the fluorescence ratio between two excitation/emission maxima (393/463 nm, 327/415 nm) and compared with common quality indices. Sardines were also maintained at 15°C to accelerate all reactions occurring at 0°C. Other quality indices (total volatile base-nitrogen, free fatty acids, formation of conjugated dienes, and thiobarbituric acid values) were determined and the use of the fluorescence ratio (fluorescence shift, δF) was analyzed. A high correlation was found between the δF and the total volatile base-nitrogen (r = 0.93, at 0°C; r = 0.92, at 15°C).