Textural Changes and Functional Properties of Cod Mince Proteins as Affected by Kidney Tissue and Cryoprotectants



The addition of cryoprotectants, e.g., a mixture of sucrose and sorbitol or polydextrose (PDT) with sodium hexametaphosphate (SHMP), to improve the texture and water retention properties of cod mince with kidney tissue (modified mince) was studied at −47°C. Kidney tissue provided trimethylamine oxide (TMAO) demethylase to accelerate dimethylamine (DMA) and formaldehyde formation. Expressible moisture (EM), water uptake ability (WUA), protein solubility, cook loss, DMA production, and textural profile analysis were determined to detect changes in modified mince during frozen storage. Modified mince with SHMP and sucrose/sorbitol or PDT at −14°C had improved EM, WUA, and cook loss and was more tender.