• Byssochlamys;
  • Neosartorya;
  • tomato paste;
  • molds;
  • heat resistance


Cultures of heat resistant molds (20) were isolated from spoiled canned tomato paste in order to estimate the pasteurization efficiency applied to commercially canned products. Ascospores of nine strains grown on malt extract agar for 30 days at 30°C, survived heating at 85°C for 20 min when initial numbers were near 105/mL. Of these heat resistant strains were identified: two Byssochlamys nivea, three Byssochlamys fulva and four Neosartorya fischeri strains. Ascospores of all cultures were more heat resistant in tomato juice than in phosphate buffer. Thermal death rate curves were nonlogarithmic but approached logarithmic death rates at higher temperatures. The thermal destruction time for 1 log10 at 90°C was 1.5 min for a Byssochlamys nivea strain, 8.1 min for a Byssochlamys fulva strain and 4.4 to 6.6 min for Neosartorya fischeri strains.