• sunflower kernels;
  • shelf life;
  • modified atmosphere;
  • sensory;
  • hexanal


One raw and two oil roasted samples of sunflower kernels packaged in paper bags and in two types of low oxygen atmosphere pouches were stored at 5, 21 and 38°C. Quality of the stored samples was monitored by an expert sensory panel, peroxide, hexanal, free fatty acids and moisture determinations. Liking ratings, obtained with 99 consumers after 24 wk storage, were used to select end points for expert sensory ratings. The shelf life for roasted sunflower kernels was greater than 12 month when stored in nitrogen flushed pouches and as low as 8 wks when exposed to air at 38°C. Hexanal was a better index for shelf life of roasted sunflower kernels than was peroxide. The shelf life of raw sunflower kernels was > 12 month in packages providing some moisture but no oxygen protection.