• drying;
  • hygrostress;
  • crack formation;
  • cylindrical foods


A parametric analysis was performed to examine the influence of several factors on stress crack formation in cylindrical food during drying using a previously developed, validated simulation method. They included initial food moisture (Wo), air humidity (Rh) and temperature (Ta), convective surface mass transfer coefficient (hm), convective surface heat transfer coefficient (ht), moisture diffusivity (Dw), and initial food diameter (do). Rh influenced most strongly drying time for crack formation (tcf), followed by Ta and Wo. The other 4 parameters in descending order of influence were hm, ht, do and Dw. The influence of all parameters, except Wo, was due to their influence on mass transfer Biot number, Bim, that was closely related to moisture concentration gradient in food. The influence of Wo was due to increased critical stress for crack formation with a reduced moisture level.