• kinetics;
  • myosin degradation;
  • proteolysis;
  • Pacific whiting


Pacific whiting surimi paste was ohmically heated to investigate degradation of myosin heavy chain (MHC) caused by endogenous proteinase over a range of 40–85°C and 0.5–35 min. Degradation was best described with an apparent reaction order of 1.4. Changes of degradation rate increased with temperature and reached a maximum at 57°C. Then, rate of MHC degradation decreased with higher temperature and reached a minimum at 75°C. Ea values of activation and inactivation zone were 142.3 and 83.1 kJ/mol, respectively. Generally, failure shear stress and shear strain increased linearly with MHC content. Proteolytic degradation of actin exhibited the same trend as that of MHC but at a slower rate. The synergistic effect of actin in the gelation of whiting surimi was predominant at ≥75°C.