Composition and Quality Attributes of Reduced-Fat Cheese as Affected by Lecithin Type


  • Journal article no. 9384 of the Mississippi Agriculture and Forestry Experiment Station. This work was funded by the Mississippi State Soybean Promotion Board and a gift from Lucas Meyer, Inc. We are grateful to Chr Hansen for donating cheese starter cultures and to university staff members of the Electron Microscopy Center at MSU for assistance.


Cheddar cheeses with 33% reduced-fat content were prepared with granular soy lecithin, hydrogenated soy lecithin, or oat. Addition of lecithin increased the wet weight yields and moisture of cheeses (P≤0.05). Reflected color values (L* and hab) were increased in cheeses containing granular soy lecithin (P≤0.05). Acid values of cheeses with lecithin were higher than control cheeses (P≤0.05). Concentrations of lecithin at 0.2% (w/w) resulted in visible changes in micro-structure of the cheeses. Granular soy lecithin or oat lecithin added to reduced-fat cheeses resulted in a decrease in flavor quality (P≤0.05). Hydrogenated soy lecithin added to reduced-fat cheeses improved texture quality without negatively affecting flavor quality.