Treatments for Prevention of Persistent Pinking in Dark-Cutting Beef Patties


  • This research was supported by the Utah Agricultural Experiment Station, Utah State University, Logan, UT 84322–4810, and the Utah Center for Excellence in Meat Processing. UAES journal paper no. 7051


Food-grade oxidants and browning agents were compared for prevention of undesirable raw appearance of cooked dark-cutting (DC) beef patties. DC beef had higher pH (6.6 vs 5.7) and lower 24h oxidation-reduction potential (–190 vs –108 mV) than controls, with higher cooked yield and cohesiveness, but lower beef flavor intensity scores. DC patties with lactic acid (LA) had acceptable cooked appearance and increased myoglobin (Mb) denaturation during cooking (77%-LA; 63%-normal control; 41%-DC control), but a tangy off-flavor. Calcium peroxide increased Mb denaturation to 69%, but caused excessive oxidation. Caramel color eliminated undercooked appearance without increasing Mb denaturation, but raw and cooked patties were dark.