• bacteria;
  • poultry;
  • cooking;
  • lethality;
  • modeling

ABSTRACT: Thermal inactivation of Listeria innocua and 6 Salmonella serotypes in ground chicken breast meat was compared to that in peptone (0.1%) - agar (0.1%) solution. Inoculated samples were packed in a thin-wall metal tube and submerged in a water bath at temperatures ranging from 55.0 to 70.0 °C. For Salmonella and Listeria, the D values in ground chicken breast meat at 55 to 70 °C were higher (p < 0.0001) than those in peptone-agar solution; however, the z values were not significantly different. Complete first-order inactivation models, with Arrhenius temperature dependency, were developed for each inoculum and medium.