Thermal Kinetics of Color Change, Rheology, and Storage Characteristics of Garlic Puree/Paste


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ABSTRACT Kinetics of color change of garlic puree at selected temperatures and rheological behavior and effects of packaging materials and storage temperatures on color of garlic paste were investigated. Results indicated that color change during thermal processing of garlic puree followed first-order reaction kinetics with an activation energy of 13.78 kJ/mol. Garlic paste behaved as a pseudoplastic material and flow activation energy at 100 rpm equaled 13.30 kJ/mol. Both temperature and duration of storage had effect (P≤ 0.05) on total color of garlic paste. Degreening of garlic paste was observed during storage at 25°C and complete degreening occurred at about 48 to 52 d. Storage of garlic paste at 5°C enhanced greening.