• cholesterol oxidation;
  • α-tocopherol;
  • canthaxanthin;
  • ω3 and ω6 fatty acid;
  • enriched eggs;
  • spray-dried eggs

ABSTRACT: The effect of feeding laying hens linseed oil or sunflower oil, with and without α-tocopheryl acetate and/or canthaxanthin, was evaluated on cholesterol oxidation in spray-dried whole egg at various storage periods. Storage of spray-dried eggs at room temperature in the dark resulted in an increase in cholesterol oxidation products from 18.1 μg/g, after spray drying, to 39.3 μg/g, at 12 mo of storage. No differences were found with either dietary oil or canthaxanthin supplementation. However, α-tocopheryl acetate supplementation resulted in a lower formation of cholesterol oxidation products during storage. No synergistic effect between α-tocopherol and canthaxanthin was detected.