Effect of Turkey Meat, Phosphate, Sodium Lactate, Carrageenan, and Konjac on Residual Nitrite in Cured Meats



ABSTRACT: Wieners were chosen as the model system. They were made with mechanically separated turkey meat (MST) and retained more residual nitrite than other such sausages (p < 0.01). Use of sodium tripolyphosphate resulted in a slightly higher residual nitrite in the finished product (p < 0.05). Wieners containing both MST and sodium tripolyphosphate, or either MST or sodium tripolyphosphate showed higher pH values than the control group. A relationship between product pH and residual nitrite level was observed. Wieners retained more residual nitrite at higher pH. Addition of sodium lactate, carrageenan, and konjac to the wiener formulation did not influence the residual nitrite level in the finished product.