• solid phase microextraction;
  • headspace volatile compounds;
  • soybean oil;
  • corn oil

ABSTRACT: The qualitative and quantitative determination of volatile compounds in soybean and corn oils were analyzed by solid phase microextraction. Coefficients of variation and sensitivity of polydimethylsiloxane, carboxen/polydimethylsiloxane, polyacrylate, and carbowax/divinylbenzene for hexanal analysis in soybean oil were 3.2, 4.2, 7.2, and 10.7%, and 15, 30,20, and 10 ppb, respectively. Volatile compounds of soybean oil with peroxide value (PV) of 1 or 5 were extracted by polydimethylsiloxane at 60 °C for 60 min. The amount of volatile compounds of PV 5 soybean oil was 92% higher than the PV 1. Volatile compounds including 2,4-decadienal, 2-decenal, hexanal, and pentane were identified in soybean and corn oils by SPME-GC-MS and GC retention time. SPME was a simple, reproducible and sensitive method for the analysis of volatile compounds of vegetable oils. Keywords: solid phase microextraction, headspace volatile compounds, soybean oil, corn oil