• potato chips;
  • blend oils;
  • storage;
  • stability

ABSTRACT: Potato chips fried in cottonseed (CSO) and sunflower (SFO) oils and 20 and 40% palm olein oil (POO):SFO blends were stored at 23 to 25 °C for 0-, 3- and 6-wk in dark (DS) and in 1.5-1.7 footcandles of light (LS). During DS, peroxide values (PV) increased only in chips fried in SFO. In LS, PV increased at lower rates in chips fried in POO blends than in CSO or SFO. Sensory evaluation showed potato chip flavor intensity was similar among oils/blends and unchanged during storage, but intensities of oxidative rancidity and off-flavor increased in chips fried in CSO at 6-wk LS. This off-flavor most likely was due to 1-decyne identified by SPME analysis. Addition of POO to SFO improved the stability of chips as measured by PV without sacrificing potato chip flavor.