• hydrodynamic shock wave;
  • protein functionality

ABSTRACT: The protein functionality of meat proteins after treatment with hydrodynamic shock wave was determined. Frankfurters (cooked to 71 °C) were evaluated for cooking yield, CIE L*a*b*, nitrosylhemochrome, Texture Profile Analysis (hardness, cohesiveness), and stress and strain (torsion testing). Compared to the control samples, the hydrodynamic shock waves (HSW) did not affect (P < 0.05) myofibrillar or sarcoplasmic protein solubility, cooking yield, or color. Textural properties and gel strength of the frankfurters were not affected (P < 0.05) by HSW. These results suggested that beef trim obtained from HSW-processed meat could be used interchangeably with normal meat trim in the production of further processed meats since the functionality of meat protein was not affected significantly by the HSW process.