Liking of Ground Beef Patties is Not Affected by Irradiation


  • This research has been supported in part by the Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station. Partial funding of this research was provided by the Minnesota Beef Council.


ABSTRACT: Our objectives were to determine the acceptability of irradiated fresh ground beef and to determine whether the acceptability was affected by information about benefits or by identifying the samples. The 218 subjects were separated into 4 groups comprising a 2 × 2 design of benefits and information. All subjects tasted 4 patties: 2 irradiated and 2 control. Ratings of overall liking, toughness, and flavor and texture liking were equal for both. Subjects rated the irradiated beef patties juicier than the nonirradiated. Benefit information and sample identification increased the liking ratings of the patties-because the group with no benefit information and no sample identification generally rated all samples lower.