• vegetables;
  • carotenoids;
  • vitamin C;
  • peroxidase inactivation;
  • temperature mapping

ABSTRACT: Three vegetables, spinach, carrot, and bell peppers were blanched conventionally in water and using pulsed microwave at 95 ± 2 C. The effect of various parameters like mass of the product, mobility of the product in the microwave field, and physical geometry on the temperature attained was evaluated. The study also included the kinetics of peroxidase inactivation, temperature, and power distribution during microwave blanching. The study highlights the potential application of microwave blanching in reducing the loss of valuable nutrients. The kinetics of peroxidase inactivation indicated that microwave blanching was comparable to water blanching with higher reaction rate in the case of water blanching. The temperature and absorbed power levels during microwave blanching was influenced by the vegetable itself, its quantity, shape, location in the oven, and the microwave power applied.