• antihypertensive activity;
  • peptide;
  • porcine skeletal muscle;
  • myosin;
  • spontaneously hypertensive rat

ABSTRACT: Antihypertensive activities derived from porcine skeletal muscle proteins were investigated. Thermolysin hydrolysates of porcine muscle water-insoluble proteins demonstrated antihypertensive activities in spontaneously hypertensive rats when administrated in single oral doses. Hydrolysates of porcine myosin and peptides (Met-Asn-Pro-Pro-Lys, Ile-Thr-Thr-Asn-Pro, Met-Asn-Pro, Pro-Pro-Lys) with parts of the sequence of myosin showed antihypertensive activities. This is the first report of antihypertensive activities of peptides derived from muscle proteins of domestic animals. The hydrolysates of porcine muscle protein and their corresponding bioactive peptides might be utilized for physiologically functional foods.