• chitosan;
  • growth;
  • quality;
  • soybean sprouts

ABSTRACT: The effects of molecular weights, concentrations and solvents of chitosan, soaking times, and soybeans/chitosan solution ratios on growth and quality of soybean sprouts were investigated. Among 5 chitosans, treatment with 493 kDa chitosan was the most effective in increasing total weight, vitamin C content, and hardness. Use of acetic acid rather than lactic acid as a chitosan solvent increased hypocotyl weight and vitamin C content. Soaking of soybeans in chitosan solution for 8 h increased total weight by 13% and vitamin C content by about 10%. Optimal cultivation conditions involve soaking in 0.05% chitosan with 493 kDa in 0.05% acetic acid for 8 h and a soybean/chitosan solution ratio of 1:4.