• transglutaminase;
  • dough rheology;
  • bread;
  • baking;
  • barley flour;
  • soy flour

ABSTRACT: This study investigated the possibility of incorporating barley or soy flour into wheat flour using transglutaminase (TG)-catalyzed cross-linking, without deterioration in bread quality. A Farinograph and texture analyzer were used to examine mixing properties and extensibility of doughs, respectively. Addition of increasing levels of barley/soy flour (with and without TG) increased Farinograph water absorption in the soft and hard wheat cultivars studied. Dough resistance increased and extensibility decreased with TG treatment. TG showed great promise in processing of bread supplemented with barley flour, even at a very low level (0.25%, wt/ wt), but did not notably improve the quality of soy flour-supplemented breads.