• carbon monoxide;
  • MAP;
  • color;
  • pork

ABSTRACT: Effects of carbon monoxide in modified-atmosphere packaging (MAP-CO) for pork were investigated. Eighty pork loins (40 injected, 40 uninjected) were used to evaluate color, microbial growth, rancidity, purge, and sensory quality of pork chops in 4 packaging environments (aerobic-overwrap, vacuum, MAP without CO, and MAP-CO). Treatments were evaluated during 36 d of refrigerated storage. Overall Hunter a values were significantly (P < 0.001) greater in MAP-CO (11.25) than aerobic (6.93) packages. Sensory color values (100 point scale) were also greater for chops in MAP-CO (85.91) than aerobic (62.47) packages. However, MAP-CO did not reduce purge loss. Results showed that CO significantly improved color stability and sensory panel scores for both injected and noninjected pork chops.