• n-3 fatty acid;
  • cold-pressed oils;
  • carrot oil;
  • cranberry oil;
  • hemp oil;
  • caraway oil;
  • oxidative stability;
  • OSI

ABSTRACT: This study was conducted to determine the fatty acid (FA) compositions and oxidative stabilities of cold-pressed cranberry, carrot, hemp, and caraway seed oils. The cold-pressed cranberry and hemp seed oils exhibited higher α-linolenic acid (18:3n-3) contents with levels of 22 and 19 g/100 g fatty acids, respectively. Cold-pressed carrot seed oil contained about 82% oleic acid and had the lowest total saturated fatty acids among all tested oils. Cold-pressed caraway seed oil had the greatest oxidative stability with an OSI value of 150 hours. In addition, cold-pressed carrot seed oil had the lightest color while hemp seed oil was the darkest among all the oils tested.