• acrylamide;
  • corn chips;
  • french fries;
  • frying;
  • baking

ABSTRACT: The effects of lowering pH by an acidulant (citric acid) on the formation of acrylamide in fried and baked corn chips and in french fries were studied by using a GC/MS. The 0.2% citric acid treatments induced 82.2% and 72.8% inhibition of acrylamide formation in fried and baked corn chips, respectively. Dipping potato cuts in 1% and 2% citric acid solutions for 1 h before frying showed 73.1% and 79.7% inhibition of acrylamide formation in french fries. In the experiment of heating 1 mL solution containing asparagine and glucose in phosphate buffers, by lowering the pH from 7.0 to 4.0, 99.1% inhibition of acrylamide formation was achieved. This is the first finding of an effective, simple, and practical way to limit the acrylamide formation in real foods.