• pulsed electric field;
  • electroplasmolysis;
  • pores;
  • apple;
  • structural properties

ABSTRACT: The effects of pulsed electric field (PEF)-induced electroplasmolysis on mechanical and structural properties of apple tissue were investigated. Properties such as porosity, pore distribution, particle density, bulk density, electrical conductivity, and compression modulus were evaluated after different degrees of electroplasmolysis. PEF treatment decreased bulk density, decreased volume shrinkage, and increased porosity of air-dried apple tissue. The overall average mean size of the PEF-induced pores was 5.86 μm, lower than 7.81 μm obtained for the untreated samples. By determining electrical conductivity, disintegration index, and failure stress of apple samples, a linear dependency was observed between failure stress and degree of electroplasmolysis. Failure stress decreased with intensification of electrical treatment.