• oxidation;
  • soybean;
  • oil;
  • antioxidants;
  • shelf life

ABSTRACT: The use of plastic packaging for oils permits exposure to light, increasing oxidation. The goal of this work was to maximize sensory stability of soybean oil packaged in PET bottles. A central composite design was used to combine different levels of TBHQ, β-carotene, and citric acid, added to oil, and Tinuvin 234®, added to bottles. After 6 mo of storage, the oxidation degree was assessed by sensory and peroxide tests. TBHQ and Tinuvin 234 were the most effective antioxidants, and the minimum concentrations required to keep a reasonable stability during storage were: 120 ppm of TBHQ; 7 ppm of β-carotene; 15 ppm of citric acid and 0.1% of Tinuvin 234.