• Grape varieties;
  • LDL oxidation;
  • LDL-diene;
  • LDL-MDA;
  • organic products;
  • total phenols


The highest values of antioxidant activity (AOA), inhibition of low-density lipoproteins (LDL-diene, LDL-MDA) and total phenols were determined in pomace (82.30 and 82.60%), grapes (68.91%) and must [2750 mg L−1 gallic acid equivalents (GAE)], respectively. For all parameters (AOA, iLDL-diene, iLDL-MDA, total phenols) the highest values were obtained in Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot grape varieties. Positive correlations were determined between AOA and iLDL-diene (r = 0.809); AOA and total phenols (r = 0.528); total phenols and iLDL-diene (r = 0.451) with significance of P < 0.005. The results of principal component analysis demonstrated that the location of iLDL-diene and AOA is the same for pomace, must and red wines. The total phenols are found in the same place in red wines, red grapes, pomace and must. The results emphasize the importance of must, pomace and red wine for inhibiting LDL-oxidation.