• capsanthin;
  • capsorubin;
  • stability;
  • drying;
  • storage

ABSTRACT: This study was conducted to identify main carotenoids in red pepper and to investigate pigment stability during drying and storage. The main pigments in saponified extracts were capsanthin, zeaxanthin, β-cryptoxanthin, β-carotene, and an unknown peak, which was considered to be capsorubin by spectrophotometry and liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry (LC/MS). Myristoylcapsanthin, lauroylmyristoylcapsanthin, and myristoylpalmitoylcapsanthin were identified from unsaponified extracts analyzing fragment ions by LC/MS. In capsanthin stability, the difference in drying method had the most influence until 2-mo storage, whereas after 2-mo storage, temperature became the major factor. Myristoylpalmitoylcapsanthin was more stable than myristoylcapsanthin during storage.