Studies on the quality of Turkish flat breads based on blends of triticale and wheat flour


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The effect of different levels of triticale flour on the rheological and sensory characteristics of a range of Turkish flat breads made with blends of triticale with two bread wheat cultivars (Kınacı 97 and Daǧdaş 94) was studied. Wheat flour was replaced with triticale flour at 20, 40, 50, 60 and 80% levels. Bread samples were tested for shape and symmetry, crust colour, crumb colour and structure, mouth-feel, taste and aroma and flexibility. All bread types had high overall sensory scores and they were considered acceptable. Analysis of variance (anova) and principal component analysis (PCA) showed that Daǧdaş 94 and Triticale blends are more suitable than Kınacı 97 and Triticale blends for bazlama, yufka and lavash production. Results show that Triticale-wheat flour blends can be successfully used for the production of flat breads. Dough and sensory properties of triticale-wheat flour blends were highly cultivar specific and dependent on blend proportion.