• Storage;
  • surimi;
  • texture;
  • Yam


The breaking forces, deformations and water-holding capacities of pollock surimi gels (PSG) containing 20% fresh Tainung No. 1 (TNG1) yam (Dioscorea alata) stored at room temperature, 17 and 10 °C, were determined for 12 weeks to evaluate the feasibility of using fresh yam as a healthy ingredient and an alternative source for starch in surimi seafoods. The results showed that the texture properties of TNG1-PSG decreased during storage regardless of the storage temperatures, except for an insignificant change found in the water-holding capacity at 10 °C. Most changes in the texture properties occurred within 1 week, thus the use of fresh TNG1 immediately after harvest is required for producing TNG1-PSG with good texture properties. Frozen storage of TNG-PSG was also undertaken at −20 °C for 6 months. After 6-months of storage, the breaking force and water-holding capacity of TNG1-PSG decreased by about 22% and 19%, respectively.