• pretreatment;
  • texture loss;
  • degree of methylation;
  • calcium infusion;
  • carrots

ABSTRACT: Diced carrots (Daucus carota var. Nerac) were subjected to different pretreatment conditions. The pretreated carrots were subsequently thermally processed in an oil bath (100°C) and in a static retort (equivalent processes [FoΔ 6 min] at 115°C, 120°C, and 125°C). Changes in texture were analyzed as well as changes in the degree of methylation (DM) of pectin. From all the pretreatment conditions tested, high-pressure pretreated carrots (400 MPa, 60°C for 15 min) exhibited the highest resistance to texture loss. The textural properties were significantly improved when calcium infusion was combined with low-temperature blanching condition (60°C for 40 min). A significant reduction in the DM of carrot pectin was observed for all pretreatment conditions that resulted in a reduced texture loss after thermal processing. A strong negative correlation (r ≥−0.90) exists between the changes in the degree of methylation of carrot pectin and the observed changes in texture.