Extension of Postharvest Life of Oyster Mushroom by Modified Atmosphere Packaging Technique



ABSTRACT: Mushrooms were packaged in polypropylene, low-density polyethylene, linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) packages after washing with 0.5% calcium chloride and 0.5% citric acid (CA), and based on off-color and off-odor development, suitable packaging material and washing solution were selected. Effectiveness of magnesium oxide in modifying the in-package gaseous atmosphere and thereby extending the postharvest life was tested by monitoring the physicochemical properties. Oxygen concentration was 5.5% and 9.9% and carbon dioxide concentration was 8.1% and 4.5%, in the control and packages containing 3 g of magnesium oxide, respectively, on day 12 in storage. Packaging mushroom in 0.015 mm LLDPE packages with 3g of magnesium oxide after washing with 0.5% calcium chloride and 0.5% CA was successful in extending the postharvest life at 8°C and 70% RH from 6 d in commercial samples to 12 d.