• intelligent packaging;
  • smart package devices;
  • barcode;
  • RFID;
  • biosensors;
  • active packaging;
  • smart packaging

ABSTRACT: Intelligent packaging is an emerging technology that uses the communication function of the package to facilitate decision making to achieve the benefits of enhanced food quality and safety. In this paper, the term intelligent packaging is defined based on a proposed model of packaging functions, which is consistent with the historical development of food packaging. A conceptual framework is also developed to provide more precise meaning to the definition and to elucidate the anatomy of the intelligent packaging system. The latest advances in smart package devices including barcode labels, radio frequency identification tags, time-temperature indicators, gas indicators, and biosensors are reviewed. The applications of the conceptual framework to Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points and microwave ovens are illustrated. A research roadmap for intelligent packaging is also suggested.