• fish hydrolysates;
  • fish byproducts;
  • functional properties;
  • red salmon


The effects of different proteolytic enzymes and different reaction durations (25, 50, 75 min) on functional and nutritional properties of red (sockeye) salmon head hydrolysates were evaluated. Degree of hydrolysis values for the 75-min digestion ranged from 6.4% to 16.7%. Oil yield (4.9% to 10.6 %) from red salmon heads was affected by the enzyme used. Protein hydrolysate powders were yellowish and contained 62.3% to 64.8% protein with high levels of essential amino acids. Increased degree of hydrolysis values were weakly correlated with increased hydrolysate solubility. Maximum emulsion stability and fat adsorption were observed for the dried hydrolysate generated in the 25-min reaction time. Water adsorption of hydrolysate powders ranged from 1.0 mL to 3.3 mL water/g dried hydrolysate.