• soy protein isolate;
  • edible film;
  • plasticizer;
  • water vapor permeability;
  • mechanical properties


Water barrier and mechanical properties were measured for soy protein isolate (SPI) films plasticized with glycerol (GLY) and 1 of the plasticizers (propylene glycol [PG], polyethylene glycol [PEG], sorbitol [SOR], or sucrose [SUC]) at a ratio of 25:75, 50:50, 75:25, and 0:100. Plasticizer type as well as the plasticizer ratio in the GLY: plasticizer mixtures affected the film water barrier and mechanical properties. An addition of as little as 25% of a less hygroscopic plasticizer in the mixture induced significant reduction in water vapor permeability (WVP) of SPI films. However, at least 50% of the mixture needs to be GLY to show significant improvement in tensile strength (TS). From our experimental design, 50:50 GLY:SOR was the recommended combination because of its comparatively low WVP value and relatively high flexibility and strength. Incompatibility of GLY:PEG plasticizer mixture in SPI film was observed by surface migration of PEG from the film matrix.