• chitosan coating;
  • eggs;
  • Haugh unit;
  • shelf life;
  • yolk index


Internal quality of eggs coated with chitosans prepared under various deproteinization (DP at 0, 5, 15 min) and demineralization (DM at 0, 10, 20, 30 min) times was evaluated. Chitosans prepared under DP 0 min/DM 30 min, DP 5 min/DM 30 min, and/or DP 15 min/DM 20 min conditions can be effectively used as an egg-coating material in preserving the internal quality of eggs compared with chitosan prepared under the DP 15 min/DM 30 min condition. The Haugh unit and yolk index values suggested that the chitosan-coated eggs can be preserved for at least 2 wk longer than the control noncoated eggs during 5 wk of storage at 25°C.