Processing performance of coated chicken wings as affected by wheat, rice and sago flours using response surface methodology


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A study was carried out to evaluate the effects of three types of flours, namely wheat (W), rice (R) and sago (S) on the processing parameters of fried battered chicken wing. The parameters were coating pickup, cooked yield and cooking loss. The batter formulation includes 85% of flour and 15% of other ingredients. A mixture design was used to model the processing parameters of the battered fried product with single, binary and ternary combinations of wheat, rice and sago flour. Viscosity measurement of the batter was conducted using Brookfield viscometer. Results showed that, coating pickup and percentage of cooked yield of the product improved when wheat flour was increased in the mixture. Cooking loss of fried battered product increased when sago flour was increased. The higher the viscosity of the batter, the higher the coating pickup and cooked yield, whereas lower viscosity resulted in higher cooking loss of the final product. Incorporation of rice and sago flours resulted in a less viscous and more pourable batter.