• Bacillus thuringiensis gene;
  • transgenic cottonseed;
  • nutritional composition;
  • effect

ABSTRACT To assess the effect of nutritional composition of cottonseed after introducing Bacillus thuringiensis gene, compositional analyses of Bollgard II cotton event 15985, DPH37B, and 5415 were carried out. Cotton DPH37B contains cry1Ac gene, and Bollgard II 15985 contains cry2Ab and cry1Ac genes. Cotton 5415 was a control. Crude protein, crude fiber, fat, moisture, ash, amino acids level, and selected minerals were measured by chemical analysis. Anti-nutrients including free gossypol, total gossypol, and tannin were also measured. The results showed that the compositional components of the transgenic cottonseed were comparable to those of the nontransgenic cottonseed. The results of numerous qualitative and quantitative analyses revealed that the transgenic cottonseed was compositionally equivalent to the conventional counterpart.