Sensory Attributes and Phenolic Content of Precooked Pork Breakfast Sausage with Fruit Purees


  • The College of Human Sciences at Texas Tech Univ. is responsible for funding this study. Additionally, the authors would like to thank Kelly Adams for assisting with sensory testing and chemical analyses, Ana Marie Luna for her assistance in with sensory testing, and Jason Byrd, Greg Clark, Willy Horne, Jolena Fleming, Michael Jaks, Jon Kelimeier, Jarrod Miller, Wendy Woerner, Scott Siggins, Zac Vineyard, and Dale Woerner for assisting with the children's sensory panels. Appreciation is also extended to Dr. David Wester who lent his statistical expertise to this study.


ABSTRACT: The aim of this study was to evaluate the phenolic content and sensory attributes of precooked pork breakfast sausage patties enhanced with blueberry puree (BBP) or dried plum puree (DPP). Five treatments at a standardized percent fat were evaluated, which included a control, 5% or 10% BBP, and 5% or 10% DPP. The addition of BBP and DPP at 5% and 10% of the weight increased the total phenolics in the cooked sausage an average of 36%. Comparisons of fruit type, percentage of fruit added, and fruit treatments versus control were all significant (P < 0.05) for tenderness, cohesiveness, and pork sausage flavor, but were not significant for other attributes. Fruit type × fruit amount interaction was significant for sweetness. As fruit amount increased, sweetness scores also increased with the DPP treatments being sweeter than the BBP treatments (P < 0.05). A consumer panel of 10- to 12-y-old children (n= 108) rated 5% BBP and control the highest for overall like compared with other treatments, and scored both BBP treatments equal to the control for taste (P > 0.05). Approximately, 90% of the children said they would like to eat the BBP sausage again while approximately 70% said they would like to eat the DPP sausage again. Results indicate the addition of BBP or DPP to precooked pork breakfast sausage can increase phenolics that may be nutritionally beneficial while also having consumer appeal.