Carbohydrate-based fat replacers in the modification of the rheological, textural and sensory quality of yoghurt: comparative study of the utilisation of barley beta-glucan, guar gum and inulin


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Barley beta-glucan, partially hydrolysed guar gum and inulin were used in the processing of low-fat yoghurts. The possible beneficial effects of carbohydrate fat replacers on the rheological, textural and sensory quality of low-fat yoghurt-based products were determined. Comparisons were made between the sample yoghurts made from a low-fat milk base, and full-fat and low-fat yoghurt controls. The inclusion of the carbohydrate components reduced product syneresis and improved the texture and rheological properties of the low-fat-based products so that their quality characteristics were similar to yoghurt made with full-fat milk. Both the type and also the amount of carbohydrate component altered product characteristics. Beta-glucan addition at low level (0.5%) was effective in improving serum retention of the yoghurt and its viscoelastic nature (G′, G′ and tan δ). In contrast, higher levels (above 2%) of inulin and guar gum were needed to exert significant improvements in the textural characteristics of yoghurt. Sensory analysis conducted on the samples illustrated that the inclusion of carbohydrate-based fat replacers could be successfully utilised to mimic full-fat products.